UFO base in British Columbia

At the end of WWII, three weeks before the U.S. went to Peenemunde to nab the V-2s and the scientists, including Werner Von Braun, the Brits went into the underground redoubts of the Nazis in Austria, the Black Forest and Thuringia. The results were THREE top secret trains, one of them 8 miles long (that one train alone was 655 box cars and flat cars). The Brits also grabbed the disk engineers, including Herr Miethe (later traced to the employ of A.V. Roe). The trains took the stuff, some of which was too large to fit in box cars and had to be covered by tarpaulins on its way to the coast of Brittany (France), there to be loaded on board ships, taken through the Panama Canal up the coast to Vancouver, B.C., and from there by train inland to the newly constructed surface facility of the A. V. Roe Company. 150 pre-fab factory buildings were sent from England to the same site. By 1947 it was dug completely underground. An underground facility with vertical shaft still exists cobwebbed and silent about 150 miles East of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Through further research I believe this structure is located near Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon here in British Columbia. Only further research can reveal the truth of the above information.

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