The Golden Mountains by Charles A Miller

I shall relate the following , being observations made during my lifetime, from early boyhood until the present time. What I prepare to relate is all true, either from first hand knowledge of the actual viewing of the locations, having been on the site at one time or the another,or from information given to me by old and reliable friends. Of the authenticity of their findings I have no doubt they are all true, also they has no reason to make such statement, as they, like myself have spent there entire lifetime working in the locations which they speak. -Charles A Miller

The Golden Mountains by Charles A Miller

Chapter One: Abraham Downie's and Adjacent Mines in the Lower Stave Canyon

Chapter Two: Some Early Findings in the Stave River from Stave to Ruskin

Chapter Three: The 79 Hill Lode

Chapter Four: Prospects on 79 Creek and Whonnock Creek Upper

Chapter Five: Walden's Mine on Upper Kanaka Creek

Sample Page from The Golden Mountains

Chapter Six: Williams Mine and Gordon McClary's Mine on Whonnock Creek

McClary's mine is featured in the video below

Chapter Seven: Findings on Blue Mountain

Chapter Eight: Cromarty's Bonaza

Chapter Ten: Pitt Lake at Debeck Creek

Chapter Eleven: Mountain Country - Some Terrible Treks

Chapter Twelve: Volcanic Brown's Last Trip

Chapter Thirteen: Suicide Creek (Norrish Creek)

Chapter Fourteen: Shawnigan Treasure

Chapter Fifteen: Cowichan Chronicle

Chapter Sixteen: Caches and Consequences

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