The Slumach Project 2013

The Slumach project is an attempt to reach and document all of the possible sites for the lost mine of Pitt Lake. It's known by those researchers with an inside track on the lost mine that Slumach,Jackson and Volcanic Brown may have each found different lode deposits in the Pitt Lake search area. I am looking for some help in my search for the mine and am need of a helicopter pilot or a airplane pilot as well as film makers to help document this amazing legend in a way that has never been done before. I have located several targets in need of further investigation such as the picture of the one you see below If you are interested in helping in the search please contact me as soon as you can at the email address below.

The Search for Slumachs gold was very productive this year 2011. A expedition was able to reach some of the key locations of the lost mine and several samples were recovered. Also we were able to get into the Upper Stave area as well and found a decent sample in that area. THere is no doubt there is gold in the lost mine search area. Assay results will tell us how much. A new expedition well be sent back into the lost mine area next year to enter the gold canyon as a picture of it was taken this summer.

The map below is a copy of the one used by early Pitt lake prospectors such as Jackson when he was making plans for his trip into the lost mine search area. The Indian diggings marked on the map where put there by the cartographer because of Slumach's find.

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