The Independence mine located near Stave Lake in British Columbia was first discovered by a prospector by the name of Gordon McClary back in the early 1900s. Gordon worked two mine sites in the area for several years.His second adit would go onto becoming the Independence mine.It went on to produce some rich high grade ore for Gordon and his brother. His first adit which he abandoned is also under investigation for possible gold that its believed Mcluary missed as well.

McClarys first adit

In the winter months when there was snow on the ground and he could not make his living from mining anymore. Gordon worked in one of the local mills and was in an unfortunate accident which left him blind in both eyes ending his prospecting career. Gordon McClarys mine then faded into history if it was not for Charles A Miller and his classic book on lost mines in Southwestern BC The Golden Mountains McClarys mine may have been lost to history forever. The Golden Mountains is a must read for anyone who is planning on searching for gold in or around Stave Lake. When one visits sites like the Independence mine and compare it to Millers words his descriptions of the areas are amazing as there is so much detail you know Charles A Miller walked the ground himself.

The Golden Mountains

Using Charles Miller as there guide a prospector named Fred Foreman and his partner set out to rediscover the mines mentioned by Miller and they did locating Mclureys old diggings and the Walden Mine. A small group was formed and further explorations was commenced on the McClarys old workings. The group was encouraged by the find and planned on doing a much heavier sampllng program. But due to personal conflict within the group the enterprise fell apart allowing the claims to once again be lost to history.

In the Spring of 2005 Fred,Daryl and Ron took a trip back to the Independence diggings. Pictures taken from that trip can be found by following the links below. In the Summer of 2010 Daryl and Greg Henderson started excavations and sampling at the old diggings and the following rock samples were found. Also further discoverys were made of a possible archeaological nature where also made during the summer excavations of the area.

The following sample was taken from the Independence

Standing inside the Independence Mine

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The Independence Mine Photos

The site is not for sale but we are looking for investors to help us with exploration. Please contact if interest.

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