That was one awesome book!!! i've read it about 3 times and i hate reading. but love reading this book and i actually had troubles stoping myself from reading it a few times. Daryl what i would pay for another chapter i'm hooked! I have 2 or 3 barlee books and others.... and i find this one book you wrote more honest, exciting and better then them hands down to be truthful in my own opinion. When I was done reading this book it definitely bumped up my prospecting ability i am far more independent and more motivated and dedicated to exploring and trying to locate the source. I cant believe i didn't buy this earlier i think everyone on this forum should have a copy it definitely is a must to add to the collection. Thanks again Daryl all read the book again in 2 or 3 weeks i'm sure.


A book that should be in every gold prospectors collection.

-Wayne J

Buy it. It's a great read! -Brad

Now I know where the B25 bomber is. I will be going to it this summer.


Daryl, I always love reading about your attempts to get the prize. Seekers is the best adventure book I have read in years. Want to see it as a major motion picture soon. -Steven

Interesting exploration into the facts, and myths of following the Gold Fever. Research that turned a fanciful myth, into a real detailed account of the truth that tastes better than the fiction. Check your facts and learn to seek truth, and you will find the clouds cleared. -The Wanderer

Seekers of Gold Rocks! -Ken

Purchase Seekers of Gold as a instant download in a pdf format. You can order using the link below

Enjoy the Chapters you can find free links to below. If read them please at least tell us what you think?

Table of Contents

Chapter One:The legend of the lost mine of Pitt lake

Chapter Two: A Quest Begins

Chapter Three: Gold Fever

Chapter Four:A Location Revealed

Chapter Five:Into the Unknown

Chapter Six:The Real World

Chapter Seven:Lessons Learned

Chapter Eight:The Mystery Deepens

Chapter Nine:Victory

Chapter Ten:The Heart

Chapter Eleven: Outlaw Prospecting

You can purchase just the Stuart Brown letters if you read the free sample chapter above

Chapter Twelve: A map to the B25 bomber wreck site

Chapter Thirteen :A Prospectors Philosophy

Photo Gallery

Seekers of Gold- Part I

Seekers of Gold- Part II

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