Prospecting and Mining Map library of British Columbia

The Gold Miners Atlas for Southern BC is for Sale!!

The Gold Miners Atlas for Southern BC

Prospecting and Mining maps of the Tulameen

Mineral deposits on treasure mountain

This map shows the locations of the old Summit claims on Treasure Mountains as well as the old trail which travels through the treasure mountain claims and across the Dewdney creek Divide.

Sketch map of the Silmilkameen and Yale Mining Divisions 1915

This map shows the locations of mineral deposits from the Fraser Canyon as far east as the Kettle Valley. It also shows the locations of old trails and selected Placer mining discoveries such as those near Siwash creek in the Fraser canyon.

A Sketch map of the Tulameen 1915

This map shows the Tulameen in detail from this time period. It shows the location of old placer and hard rock deposits.

The Geology of the El Alamein Claims on the Tulameen River

This is a detailed map of the El Alamerin claims on the Tulameen River. This map would be most useful for BC Treasure Hunters and Nugget Hunters as it shows the exact locations of the old placer operations and Cabins an ideal location for the nugget hunter.

Map of Lawless creek

Shows the locations of Mineral Occurrences in the Lawless creek area as well as some of the Geology.

Placers of the Tulameen

Shows more exact locations along the Tulameen river where Placer has been found and is still being found by prospectors to this day. The map shows the Geology of the area and the map outlines Peridotite and Pyroxenite zone where prospectors are hoping to find the mother lode of Platinum which has been the source of all the Platinum found in the Tulameen Region.

The Paying Portions of Granite Creek 1886

This map shows the original claims on Granite Creek after its discovery by John Chance in 1886. This is a historical document. The claims also contain all the names of the original claim owners.

The gold claims of Fire Mountain.

This map shows some of the first claims that were staked around Fire mountain in the gold rush that happened in this area back when the monney spinner claim was first located.

The Geology of Harrison Lake and Surrounding area.

This map shows some of the more famous deposits near Harrison as well as placer locations near the Lilloeet river. Shows fault lines in the area well.

Geology between Fire lake and Fire Mountain

The map shows the geology as well as gold discoveries between Fire Lake and Fire Mountain.

Nagy Gold claim near Harrison Lake.

This map shows the details of the Nagy Clamim a famous deposit near Doctors Point near Harrison lake.

Gold Deposits near B.C, border south of Chilliwack.

This maps shows the location of gold deposits near Sleese Creek and the US border.

The Lucky Four and Silver Chief mineral claims

Map shows location of Lucky Four and Silver Chief near Chilliwack lake.

Gold deposits around the Coquihalla.

This map shows mineral discoveries near Dewdney creek,Sowaqua creek and Treasure Mountain.

Mineral groups and claims near Hope.

This map shows you in detail all the diffrent gold discoveries along Ladner Creek which flows into the Coquihalla. There is still gold to be found along Ladner creek.

Map of the Hills Bar Mine.

This map shows the location of the very rich and little talked about Hills Bar Mine which lies near the headwaters of Hills bar creek a little explored area across the mighty Fraser river from Yale in the historic Fraser canyon.

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Prospector's map of Southern British Columbia

Gold Claims for sale in British Columbia

Photographs from Ladner creek and the Caroline mines.

The Treasure Map Collection

Looking for gold near the Coquihalla river British Columbia

Seekers of Gold

Gold mines for Sale