Placer Claims in Siwash creek for sale!

Just North of Yale British Columbia Siwash creek thunders into the mighty Fraser river. The first prospectors started finding nice nuggets at the mouth of Siwash creek in 1891. The old time prospectors of course clawed there way up creek searching for gold and there struggles were rewarded as Siwash was a bonanza creek . Nuggets where found gleaming in the bedrock cracks and free gold was found in the quartz stringers that criss cross back and forth across the majestic Siwash canyon. It was not long before Siwash was quickly staked .In know place was it richer then on the Roddick claim(secretplacer)and the Ward claim (richdiggings) Now is your chance to own a placer cell in this great area.

The following map shows some of the legecay claims in the area.The Secretplacer claim covers the Roddick claim

Here is what some of the old mining records have to say about the Roddick.

Both claims are in a remote area but this works in the prospectors favour because In this day and age the further your placer claim is from civilization the better your chances of finding large course gold because they area has not been prospected as much as it would have been if access were easy. The Secret Placer and Richdiggings claims lie in the area of Siwash north of the headwaters of Ladner creek. Where the famous Caroline mines are located. There are several legends connected to Siwash area as well There is a lost bag of gold that is said to be buried near the Ward (richdiggings). Also there is a legend about a crack in the side of Spider Peak to the south of Siwash where you can climb inside where there is an underground river where you can pic up gold nuggets. For the modern prospector you can't beat owning some placer ground in this area. You also have Geology on your side as well as you are near the famous Serpentine belt which flows down through Ladner and across the Coquihalla and down into manning. All the rich gold mines are found near the Serpentine..

The map below shows the general locations of the claims on Siwash they are marked as on the map below.

The complete history of Siwash Creek Mining PDF includes maps and info from government files on Siwash. A must for the Siwash and Fraser Canyon gold prospector.

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Secretplacer Tenure (Roddick) #848352

1 cell (20.39 hectares)

Price: 1000

If purchased by Sept 27


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