The location of Jack Moulds Slumach Claim on Southgate peak at the head of Bute Inlet. It was here where he found an old Spanish Mine back in 1989. He thought his find was connected to Slumachs gold it is not. But an old spanish mine is a huge find all its own. He also found an old Spanish Treasure marker which he claimed was Jacksons tent shape rock on the top of one of the mountains on his claim. Perhaps there is still something to be found by the Treasure Hunter and Prospector on this claim. Jack Mould himself died searching for his treasure in the summer of 2007. Jack Mould drowned in the Southgate river. Jack had found in the Archives in Seville a document that talked about a missing Spanish galleon that sank at the head of Bute inlet with a cargo of ore. Take notice of the name of one of the other rivers on the map. Jack was looking for looking for Spanish Treasure when he died. Is there more than just the adits he found up there?

A Treasure Hunters Guide to Roatan Island


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