The following artifact and how it was discovered has to remain a secret.It was unearthed in the caves of Helena. The same caves where Mitchell Hedges discovered the first relics of Payan Culture. This piece was once the top of a shamans staff used in sacred payan rituals. The Paya also made contact with Christopher Columbus on his fourth journey to the New World. See next photo for more. I wonder where this artifact was when contact with Columbus happened. I guess only history knows the answer to that one. The Caves of Helena according to Mitchell Hedges are also the location of a second crystal skull much like the famous crystal skull he discovered at Lubantuun in Belize.

The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

A Treasure Hunters Guide to Roatan Island


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Seekers of Gold

Gold Panning and Lost Treasure in British Columbia

The Lost Treasure of Roatan Island