The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection

The map you are looking at is one of the most famous maps in treasure history. The Lue map seems to be of Nazi Origin. The map was created by an unnamed Nazi loyalist in the United States. Whose property was used as cache site for 100 tons of Gold Bullion that was smuggled into the US by Nazi Agents. The purpose of the Nazi mission was to sell the gold on the US Market and to crash the US Economy which would stop the US from entering World War II. Around this same time the United States passed the American gold act which prevented the Nazis from selling the gold on the open market. Someone in the U.S.Intelligence had learned about the Nazi plot.

The Nazis then moved in to try and recover the gold with the hopes of smuggling it back out of the US before they could be stopped by US Agents. But the Nazi Loyalist who's property they had buried the Gold on had mysteriously died. Taking the secret of the Lue map with him. The Nazis where not able to crack the map on their own and the dug all over the Loyalists property for the gold but could not find the cache. There dig was called off by Hitler and they returned to Germany. The gold is still in the ground to this day

The map got into the hands of the public through the FBI who had also been alerted by the CIA about the Nazi plot. Their code breakers where unable to solve the mystery and they let it leak into the general public hoping someone could solve riddle. The map was made popular by Treasure Hunter Karl Von Mueller who published it back in the 1960s.

It's been suggested the code for the Lue the nazi Loyalist used when he created the lue map was based on templar secrets. The Nazis may have discovered such secrets during their excavations near Renne le chateau. A Knights Templar stronghold during the Middle Ages.

The Nazis where have said to have access to a coding system that was created by the Knights Templar and that they shared the code with the Japanese to help them hide their own caches of gold deep in the jungles of the Philippines.

A study of the Lue map will reveal coordinates of the search area for the Nazi Gold Cache site. How one finds the coordinates within the symbols of the map is mystery. The search area is six miles buy three miles within this area will be found a large land mass where a pyramid will be outlined by Monuments. The lue map itself when the code is broken does not tell you where to search within the Pyramid area. To learn that you need the key to the Lue map which is said to be the American Dollar Bill.Which is loaded full of occult symbolism.

The symbols on the dollar are Masonic in origin but they of course have a connection to the knight's templar. The masons received much of there occult knowledge from the templar and it would have included there coding system as well. So, if you take the american dollar bill and study it and you will find a key two inches to the right of George Washington's nose. This key in combination with the map reveals that the gold's location. The gold is buried under the left leg of the Pyramid Layout. How the two work together to reveal this is a mystery. The location of the Lue Cache is said to be the Four Corners area of the South Western United States.

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